Time with Kiddies and the camera today – all over Calgary and Banff.

Today went all over Banff and Calgary with the family and my camera….and of course, took a ton of pics.

We ended up in Banff late morning for brunch.  The weather was changing by the minute.  Really sunny, then cloudy, then foggy in the mountains to the point where you couldn’t see the tops of the mountains.

On the way back to Calgary, we always see this really out of place derelict building on the side of the highway – about 30 minutes west of Cochrane.  Every time we drive by I always say I’m going to take pics, and finally did today…

Once we got back to Calgary it was sunny and clear… so took some shots of Downtown and the Children’s Hospital, all views from the end of our hill.  Used telephoto lens on my Nikon D3100 with varying zooms.


Children’s Hospital:

The Alberta Children’s Hospital is one of the neatest building in Calgary btw.  It was designed by kids (in conjunction with architects), and meant to look like toy building blocks.  It is also one of the only kids medical facilities (maybe the only) built in Canada in the last 25 years.

My photography is getting better, but still lots to learn.  If anyone can help get my photos more crisp (see downtown and children’s hospital images especially – a bit fuzzy), please comment or message me.  Thanks.

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